Colgate's human resources staff will assist the executive director for equity and inclusion, equal opportunity, and affirmative action and the senior adviser to the president in developing a career pathways program to address the challenges that staff from historically underrepresented groups have often had in building longer-term careers at Colgate. This program will be made available both through departmental mentors and directly through human resources, and its success will be measured in terms of staff advancements and retention.

  • Responsible: Executive director for equity and inclusion, equal opportunity, and affirmative action, senior adviser to the president, human resources
  • Target date: By fall of 2020

Colgate will offer defined paid break time to new mothers who need to nurse or breast pump and provide a list of rooms suitable for lactation across campus as well as protocols for ensuring availability.

  • Responsible: Human resources
  • Target date: Policy was updated to allow for paid breaks in the 2018-2019 academic year; updated list of locations to be defined by the end of the spring 2020 semester.

Colgate will purchase and maintain a membership in NCFDD (the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity) which offers professional development, training, and mentoring for faculty members and postdocs, and will make these services available to academic faculty.

  • Responsible: Dean of the faculty division
  • Target date: Membership purchased fall 2019; communication and rollout to faculty fall 2019

Colgate will engage in an in-depth analysis of the retention of faculty of color in order to better understand the ways in which our institution might better support these faculty in developing their professional lives at Colgate.

  • Responsible: Dean of the faculty division, Office of Institutional Analysis
  • Target date: By summer of 2020

The Human Resources Department will develop enhanced guidelines for “casual wage” hiring to include a careful consideration of whether these arrangements serve the employees and the institution well. The University will also create a “part-time, regular, non-benefited” employment category, and new employees hired into this category of position will be included fully in onboarding and orientation programs. The Human Resources Department will explore professional development/lines of progression for “casual wage” and union employees to include (but not limited to) protocols related to participation in University activities related to development (e.g., brown bags, training) and service (e.g., committee work).

  • Responsible: Human resources and SAAOC
  • Target date: Winter 2020

Human resources will also begin a review of long-term casual positions to determine if the community would be better served by transforming any of these positions into benefited staff positions.

  • Responsible: Human resources, executive director for equity and inclusion
  • Target date: By July 2020

Colgate will explore opportunities to expand the selection of available housing in and around the town of Hamilton to make it possible for a more diverse group of employees of the University to live and participate in the life of the local community.

  • Responsible: Finance and administration division
  • Target date: Initiative begun